About Stephanie

One of my earliest memories is of my obsession with art. I remember my elementary school art teacher asking the class to sit under a live oak, look up and draw the branches one day. I could have stayed there for hours and in that moment, I was hooked.

My love of art continued and brought me to The University of Texas at Austin where I received a BFA in Studio Art. I cherish the years I spent at UT and often still hear the voices of my professors as I work through a painting in my studio.

To this day, my art is heavily influenced by nature and I hope to invoke a connection for others through my paintings. Being in my studio brings me such joy and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to spend time doing what I love.

Currently, I live in Dallas with my husband, three kids and two little pups. Our home is wild and full of life with kids singing, dancing and playing and I’m trying to soak up all of these sweet moments. My little ones love to paint and frequently end up in my studio which is just the best! I hope that they will always remember to pause, look up and get lost in the branches too.

with love, Steph